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Husband:Hogan YERBY

Born:18 January 1803 in North Carolina
Married:in Fayette County, Alabama
Died:14 November 1895 in Fayette County, Alabama
Buried:November 1895 in Fayette (Fayette), Alabama
Cemetery:Pilgrim Rest Cemetery
Father:Everette YERBY
Mother:Sarah MCMILLION

Wife:Sarah H. "Sally" GEORGE

Born:18 November 1808 in Tennessee
Died:11 April 1868 in Fayette County, Alabama
Buried:in Fayette (Fayette), Alabama
Cemetery:Fayette City Cemetery


Much of this information came fromthe following sources:

(1)   MARIE CHRISTIAN RUSHING (published in PIONEERS OF TUSCALOOSA COUNTY ALABAMA PRIOR TO 1830,Vol. III, page 266,  by  Tuscaloosa  Genealogical Society, 1981).


(2)   ALABAMA RECORDS, Vol. 41,  by Pauline Gandrud.

(3)   Lucile Doroh Burton, B'ham, AL, published in TUSCALOOSA COUNTY GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY LINEAGE CHARTS.  (She was great great great granddaughter of Everett Yerby.)

(4)  ALABAMA RECORDS--TUSCALOOSA COUNTY, Vol. 41, pages 65-72.

1789 (abt.):  AMON E. YERBY was born about this time in NC.  He later married RACHEL DODSON (b. abt. 1804), per Source 1.

1820 FEDERAL CENSUS--ALABAMA and TENNESSEE:  I have not been able to locate the YERBY households in the Tennessee census index, the ALABAMA 1811-1819 DECENNARY CENSUS INDEX, or the ALABAMA 1820-1829 DECENNARY CENSUS INDEX.

1820 FEDERAL CENSUS--NORTH CAROLINA:  There were 2 YERBY households listed in this state--WILLIAM YERBY (living in Mecklenburg Co.,  page 194) and WILLIAM YERBY (Bladen Co., page 154).

1823 (spring):  MARY LOUISE/LOUISA YERBY died at this time, per Source 1, and was buried in the Bethel Church Cemetery, about 7 miles north of Tuscaloosa (Tuscaloosa),  AL.  (I have searched for her grave, there, but there are several graves whose markers are native stone and are uncarved, also some unmarked graves, in the older section.  Need to look at church records, to see if there is a written record, as of 7/98.  CCM)

1824 Feb 3:  WILLIAM H. TERRELL, CASTLETON LYON, JOHN YERBY, and WILEY McGEE were appointed Deacons of Baptist Church. TUSCALOOSA COUNTY ALABAMA DEED RECORDS, BOOK A, page 138.  Reference found in ALABAMA RECORDS, volume 7: Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, by Pauline Gandrud.  Need to look at primary record.

1828 Sep 18:  JOHN YERBY married 2 ANN HASSELL in Tuscaloosa Co., AL, per Marie Christian Rushing, as comp. by C. R. HOLLIMAN and and published in ALABAMA RECORDS, by Pauline Jones Gandrud, volume 41; also per MILLIE M. L. HOULDRIDGE, who sent this  information to MRS. GANDRUD.  ANN HASSELL had been b 15 Feb 1806, d. 1 Jan 1878.  This marriage record also per TUSCALOOSA  COUNTY ALABAMA MARRIAGE RECORDS, License granted 15 Sep, ceremony performed by Samuel Cole, J. P.   ANN was born 13 Feb 1806, d. 1 Jan 1878 in Prescott.  According to  ALABAMA RECORDS, she was daughter of MILES and LAVINIA BARNES HASSELL.

1830 FEDERAL CENSUS--NORTH CAROLINA:  There were two YERBY households listed--COALY YERBY (Mecklenburg Co., page 343) and JOHN YEARBY (Anson Co., page 100).  Do not know relation to our YERBYs.

1830 FEDERAL CENSUS--ALABAMA:  There were 3 YERBY households listed in Alabama, by this time, all living in Tuscaloosa County. They were HAMMON YEARBY (page 326), JAMES YEARBY (page 331), and JOHN YEARBY (page 330).  There were no YERBY households listed in Tennessee, by this year.

1840 FEDERAL CENSUS--ALABAMA:  There were 3 YERBY households listed in this census, two of them in Tuscaloosa County.  They were AARON YERBY and JOHN YERBY (both living in Tuscaloosa Co., page 244) and HOGAN YERBY (Fayette Co., page 200).

1849):  ELIZABETH YERBY died at this time, at Newtonville (Fayette), AL, per Source1 and Source 3.  According to Source 1, she was killed by a Negro slave.  


Listed on page 32 was the household of JAMES YERBY.   Listed on page 33 was the household of ANAN/AMAN YERBY. Listed on page 101 was the household of FRANCIS YERBY. Listed on page 102 was the household of HOGAN YERBY.


1861 (abt.)  AMON YERBY died about this time, per Source 1.  (Need to prove place of death/burial, but it was probably Fayette Co., AL, since he was living there,  at the time  of the 1860 census.)

1873 Aug 1:  JOHN YERBY died in Prescott, AR, per ALABAMA RECORDS (GANDRUD, vol. 41).  He was buried in a country cemetery.

1895 Nov 14:  HOGAN YERBY died this date in Fayette Co., AL, per his tombstone at Pilgrim's Rest Baptist Church Cemetery, in Fayette (Fayette), Alabama.